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Current Promotion

" Be sure to come and visit us often as we offer different exciting
promotions during different seasons. "

Realtor/Property Manager Special
Whether you are selling the house or renting it out, HomeChoice understands that a clean presentation of your place is crucial in making a deal. As our frequent customer, we value your business and we are please to offer an additional 10% of all our regular prices.

Seasonal Clean Up!
Book an appointment now and receive a complimentary UV ion service for free.

Spring/summer is allergy season. If you are allergic to pollen or dust, start from your home by making sure places like your carpet are clean. Our hot steam system can penetrate deep into the carpet and remove accumulated dust, mold, dust mites and pollen. Breath confidently!

Referal Program
HomeChoice understands that if you are happy with our cleaning, you want people to know. To thank you, when you refer our business to your friends, both of you will receive an extra 10% off on your next cleaning service. Thank you!

Complementary Rug Cleaning
When spend $99 or more on our carpet cleaning service, we will clean your 2 standard or 5 small sized rugs for free*. Standard (6' to 9' wide), small (3' to 6' wide)